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Chungju World Martial Arts Festival

The time has come for the formation of the World Martial Arts Union as a path to peace in the world. The concept of peace is presented with the performance of various martial arts.

Naturally, the meaning of WOMAU is to make new friends, not enemies. This is a victory for oneself - without fighting, competition, conflict. But with unity and the beauty of each art and its principles.

No winners, no runner-ups. What is important is to foster relationships to make WOMAU the best possible so that it becomes a victory for all. Silat Seni Gayong PASAK's mission to the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival is to foster relationships with members of the world through martial arts in the name of peace.

We thank the Almighty for allowing us to produce more informatio about our art through the Festival.

"Tanjak Bugis" that represents the art of Silat Seni Gayong and its history that extends to the 17th century. Included is an album that is arranged as a portfolio including our history, geneology, proprieties, activities, and also our original movements/weapons as a source of information as well as a souvenir.

After three years participating in this festival, Singapore is more well-known and became the subject of discussion among the inhabitants of Chungju city who previously do not even know of Singapore.

Our mission has brought glory to Singapore when in 2003 Singapore was honored with 3 other nations, that is Moldova, Thailand, and the host country, Korea.

More than 50 teams took part (35 nations and 20 local teams from Korea).

Martial arts performances from each team was organized into several areas such as the Main Stage, Anseong Park,Downtown Alley, Experience Centre, Suanbo, Taekyon Main Gym and much more.


Besides performances, seminars and councils between WOMAU members was also held to exchange ideas and information or to find solutions to various issues, if any. For 3 years, everything is going well. Representatives from Singapore includes Mr Saiful Nizam and myself.

In the previous 7th Chungju World Martial Arts Festival (1 to 7 October 2004), we were requested to make extra martial arts performances for the locals, especially in one of the local schools. So as not to disappoint the locals, especially teh students, we agreed.

Our performance at one of the schools in the Chungju district is especially memorable, with hundreds of students in attendance to witness our performance in their mini gymnasium. I am impressed with our boys and girls for their ability to carry out their routine for almost 45 minutes. Cheers break out every now and then from the spectators all through until the end of the performance. We managed to distribute some souvenirs to the spectators before we left.

Our performance at the school was reported in the local newspaper.







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M. Rahim Bin Hj. Hussain.

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